“Dr Hussain’s translation is a beautiful rendering of the divine message, aiding our understanding … It is a wonderful addition to the field of Quran translation.”
Syed Yasrab Daud Shah, BA (Hons), Arabic Teacher

“… an excellent translation, revealing the clear message of the Holy Quran in plain language and style. The Introduction to the Surat is a summary of the subject matter and highlights the central theme. Giving separate headings to a set of verses is commendable, a unique feature of this translation.”
Allama Masood Ahmed, Global Islamic Mission, New York, USA

“This translation of the Quran is commendable for its successful attempt at conveying the meaning and message. The lucid translation … will advance readers’ understanding of the Quran.”
Professor Abdur Raheem Kidwai, Aligarh University, India

“The Majestic Quran is an excellent translation in contemporary English, its faithful to the original text and presents the meaning and the message thematically.”
Imam Muhammad Asim, MBE

“At last, a plain English translation, a much needed source of Divine guidance that will enlighten and educate generations to come. A must read for those who want to understand the message and teachings of Islam.”
Parveen Hussain, LLB, PGCE, College Lecturer

“The Majestic Quran in Plain English is an inspirational, forward-thinking, new way of presenting Quranic translation that is accessible to a modern audience.”
Dr Asam Latif, Research Scientist, University of Nottingham

“This translation in plain English provides a beautiful flowing and effective prose that is easy to understand. It’s invaluable.”
Hafiz Obaid Bhatti, M.Eng

“The Majestic Quran is easy to understand since it uses plain English, fit for the 21st century. The use of section headings helps in clarifying the message of the Quran and links the passages of the Surat.”
Atif Hussain, BSc, PGCE, School Teacher

“The words read effortlessly and reflect Divine grace with authority, this is because it uses plain but effective vocabulary.”
Nibras Malik, College Student

“The translation presents the message of the Quran with clarity, reveals how the genuine Believer lives a lofty life of morality and spiritual yearning. Everyone should have this.”
Abdul Hai Shami, Imam and Qari

“The Quran is Allah’s direct speech, a powerful sermon, full of warnings and good news. This translation captures this style effectively. It’s moving and urges the reader to repent. This is what every Muslim needs today …”
Hafiz Khurram Rafiq, Imam and Teacher

“The Majestic Quran is unquestionably the best translation of our time, it presents the inspiring, empowering and practical message of the Quran plainly.”
Nabeela Hussain, BSc. PGCE, School Teacher

“The Majestic Quran is very easy to understand as plain English has been used. Great layout, a very good introduction is given before every Surah, which helps to give a background about the Surah. An amazing translation has been put together for this generation.”
Sadia Chishti, Nursery Manager, Nottingham

“I’m absolutely loving the new Quran translation and all four of my children have already started reading and appreciating this new translation. This is going to be the best buddy in Ramadan. InshaAllah.”
Saima Khan, Nottingham

“I’m totally blown away by ‘The Majestic Quran’. It’s an absolute gem and the answer to my prayers. Jazakallah so much and may Allah reward you. I absolutely love it and each section, sub-heading and summary of each surah brings clarity and the footnotes expand to explain any queries. The opening text provides a sense of history and provides a foundation from which to build on and move forwards and this makes sense to me. Truly breathtaking!!”
Samerah Darr, Nurse, Dewsbury

“The Majestic Quran, mashaAllah tabrakAllah. I was over the moon, alhamdhulillah and it was a timely gift indeed, I used it as part of my study of the Quran. I thoroughly enjoyed its simple thematic structure and relevance to our times/cultural landscape. I must congratulate you on this excellent effort and years of toil and hard work mashaAllah tabrakAllah. I made and continue to make dua to Allah (swt) that he accepts this as a means of achieving greater understanding, peace, guidance, tranquillity and transformation in the world. May it weigh heavy on your scales and the scales of all those involved from start to finish, Ameen.”

Maulana Waqaus Ali, Chief Executive ILM 2 AMAL, Bolton

“Congratulations to Dr Musharraf Hussain for translating the Quran into really easy to follow ‘plain English’. I have found it flows better than any other I have ever had. With only a few footnotes, which are useful but don’t dominate and a nice clear intro to each Surah, it is well worth getting a copy. Alhamdulillah!”

Dr Zafar Iqbal, Associate Medical Director Public Health, Staffordshire

“I was delighted to receive the beautifully-bound copy of the Majestic Quran ‘in plain English’! To be honest, I had tried very hard to read a previous translation and had given up after some time. But at first glance, this seems much more accessible. I will read a little every day in my morning quiet time.”

Peter Riddell, Initiatives of Change, Oxford

Masha-Allah, a beautifully written translation that I can understand. The subheadings are especially helpful in both the reading and understanding of the translation. The introduction of each Surah puts the reader in the right perspective before actually reading the Surah. Reading the Majestic Quran is extremely inspirational, such that before leaving the house in the morning, I have to read a few pages in Arabic and then the translation. May Allah bless you, your family and reward you in abundance for the absolute wonderful work you have done.

Dr Jamil Ahmad, Director of Nationwide Healthcare Providers Ltd

The Majestic Quran is a very commendable translation and one of the latest in over a hundred English translations of the Qurans produced since 1649. The translator has done a marvellous job in undertaking a flowing and simplified translation of the Quran in modern English. A unique feature of this translation is that it contains full page Mushaf on one side using the Indo-Pak Quran script for those who want to do do Tilawah. Among the advantages of the translation is the smooth-flowing English, occasional footnotes and of course the background information to the Surah’s, which for me is the most attractive feature.

Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad, Teacher – Quran Study Group

We are indeed in dire need for such translations, which bring us closer towards unveiling the spirit of the Quranic text. As a researcher in the field of Quranic translations with particular interest in coherence, nazm and structure, I have been looking for a translation that serves this holistic purpose of my research. However, I was discouraged by the lack thereof since the majority of Quranic translations adhere to an atomistic approach. When I found your magnificent ‘The Majestic Quran’ translation, it was as if I found a treasure. May Allah bless you and reward you!

Abdulrahman, Quran researcher – Leeds University